Daily Coronavirus Update 4/29/20

Daily Coronavirus Update 4/29/20

Domestic Updates

  1. Simon Property Group, the biggest US mall operator, will reopen 49 shopping centers across 10 states starting on Friday, with social distancing measures put in place. The shopping centers will open in TX, IN, GA, MO, SC, OK, AK, AL and MI. 

  2. The 24-hour death toll in NY has stayed flat (in the 330’s), for the last 3 days. Gov. Cuomo will allow elective surgeries to resume in 35 less hard-hit counties, NYC is not one of them. 

  3. Two events in NY yesterday drew criticism from public officials and residents alike. The Blue Angels jets flew over NYC in solidarity for healthcare workers, but their show led to crows congregating outside. Similarly, a Hasidic funeral for a Rabbi in Williamsburg, BK, led to a massive crowd of mourners who defied social distancing rules. 

  4. Gov. Cuomo announced that NY will continue their random antibody sampling on 1,000 transit workers across the state. He also announced that out of the group tested within the FDNY, 17.1% tested positive for having antibodies and within the NYPD, 10.5% tested positive for having antibodies.

  5. Gov. Cuomo outlined what New York will have to see before reopening begins: (a) the R0 must be 1.1 or less *check out my post on R0 from yesterday, 4/28 if this is unfamiliar to you (b) At least 30% of hospital beds and 30% of ICU beds must be available after elective surgeries resume and (c) diagnostic testing and hospitalization rates must remain static with no sharp increases.

  6. Gov. Newsom of CA outlined his reopening plan. He said that California was still weeks away from Phase 2. Phase 2 = the gradual reopening of low-risk workplaces such as curbside pickup for retail stores, manufacturing, public spaces and offices where teleworking is not possible. He also mentioned that schools may reopen early, in July or August, to make up for lost time, but that they would have new regulations such as staggered start times. Newsom said that higher-risk workplaces such as nail salons, gyms, movie theaters and in-person religious services will have to wait until phase 3 or 4, and that mass gatherings and sporting events are banned indefinitely. 

  7. Gilead Sciences, announced that the NIH will be releasing positive early results of a clinical trial of its drug Remdesivir, as a Covid treatment. Previously, Dr. Fauci had said that Remdesivir was not drastically improving death rates among critically-ill Covid patients and a study out of China claimed that Remdesivir had no positive effect whatsoever. The WHO says that it is too early to comment on the potential benefits of Remdesivir. 

  8. President Trump signed an executive order that mandates meat processing plants must stay open. This came after Tyson foods was considering only keeping 20% of their workforce active due to outbreaks and 20 deaths among meat processing workers.

  9. The US GDP dropped 4.8% in the sharpest decline since the recession. This also ends the longest economic expansion in US history. 

  10. Florida will unveil a reopening plan today. Gov. DeSantis met with President Trump in Washington yesterday to discuss the plan amid Florida’s growing case #s and sinking economy. 

  11. Vermont reported no new cases since Monday.

Global Updates

  1. Vaccine programs around the world are reporting a drastic decline in the number of people reached due to lockdown measures and a disruption of the medical supply-chain. 24 low- and middle-income countries have paused or postponed their vaccination programs due to the pandemic. The WHO has warned that millions of children across Africa, South Asia and Latin America will miss out on routine immunizations for measles, malaria, polio and diphtheria. 

  2. Researchers in Hong Kong have developed a new disinfectant spray that can kill a range of viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus- for up to 90 days. The “anti-microbial coating” known as MAP-1 can be used on glass, metals, plastic, leather and fabrics. It will be available to purchase in HK in late May. 

  3. Germany will extend its foreign travel warning, (against all nonessential and tourist-travel) until June 14. It was put in place on March 17.

  4. Poland will reopen hotels, shopping malls, museums and art galleries on May 4th. Poland is hinting that they will not renew their country’s ban on international travel when the order expires on May 9th.

  5. Greece, which has experienced a relatively controlled outbreak, will begin its reopening on May 4. Some shops, Churches and hair salons will reopen and citizens will no longer be required to notify the gov’t when the leave home. Schools will reopen in the end of May and restaurants & hotels are planned to reopen around June 1.

  6. A prison riot broke out in Sierra Leona after an inmate tested positive. The Pademba Road Correctional Center in Freetown, was built for 300 inmates but has a prison population over 1,000. The riot resulted in many deaths and the building was set on fire. Similar prison riots have broken out around the world as inmates are protesting confinement and overcrowding issues during the pandemic.

  7. German company, Mainz-based BioNTech working with US Pfizer has begun human trials of a potential vaccine that could supply millions by the end of the year, and be ready for emergency use in the fall.

  8. Doctors around the world are reporting two new possible realizations about the virus. The first; doctors in the US, UK, Italy and Spain say that they are seeing Kawasaki disease as a possible covid complication in young children. The second; dermatologists are reporting that many young adult patients who test positive for the virus, are reporting “covid toes” or, lesions on their toes with no other covid symptoms. Dermatologists are also reporting rashes and other skin irritations in Covid positive patients.

  9. Saudi Arabia has reopened some shopping malls and open air markets. They have lifted restrictions between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. except in Mecca. In places where social distancing cannot be practiced such as some schools, restaurants, mosques and other public venues, the lockdown order remains in place. Social gatherings of more than five people are banned everywhere. 

  10. India reported its highest jump in deaths in a 24-hour period, as regional governments prepare to ease lockdown restrictions. Pakistan is reporting worrying case #s and officials are concerned over further spread due to Mosques that have remained open for the Holy Month Of Ramadan.

  11. President Erdogan of Turkey has said that Turkey is past its peak but that the numbers remain high. School will not reopen until late May, at the earliest. President Erdogan has also sent medical aid supplies to the US.

  12. The death-toll in Brazil is climbing as 5000 fatalities have been reported so far. President Bolsonaro continues to resist the seriousness of the virus, claiming that he can’t do anything to help the situation. 

  13. Putin announced that the lockdown would continue in Russia for two more weeks, with a plan for gradual reopening to be announced on May 5. 


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